Family Profile II


A 20-item Likert-type questionnaire to evaluate adults' perceptions of their parents and their parents' marriage during the time they were growing up.

Alt Title: FP-II

Title of Book: Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques, vol 3

First Published: Lee, T. R., Burr, W.R., Beutler, I., Yorgason, F., Harker, H.B., & Olsen, J.A. (1997). The Family Profile II: A self-scored, brief family assessment tool. Psychological Reports, 81, 467-477.

Call Number: HQ728 H267 2001 Tampa Ref

Page Numbers: 44-46

Publisher: Sage

Language: English

Author of Test: Lee, T.R. , Burr, R., Beautler, I.F., Yorgason, F. & Harker, H.B.

Date of Test: 1997

Resource Type: Text

Test Format: Questionnaire