Supervision Rules Questionnaire


The SRQ is constructed as a grid, with 11 ages across the top and 11 situations in which children might require supervision listed down the side. Respondents are instruction to enter the number of minutes an average child of each age could safely remain unsupervised out of visual and auditory contact in each situation.

Alt Title: SRQ

Title of Book: Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques, vol. 3

First Published: Peterson, L., Ewigman, B., & Kivlahan, C. (1993). Judgments regarding appropriate child supervision to prevent injury: The role of environmental risk and child age. Child Development, 64, 934-950.

Call Number: HQ728 H267 2001 Vol. 3 Tampa Ref

Page Numbers: 344

Publisher: Sage

Language: English

Author of Test: Peterson, L.

Date of Test: 1993

Resource Type: Text

Test Format: Questionnaire