Discipline Appraisal and Response Inventory



Respondents read 10 descriptions of misconduct typical of 5- to 11-year-old children and are asked to imagine that child of theirs is the perpetrator.

Alt Title: DARI

Title of Book: Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques vol. 3

First Published: Dix, T. & Zambarano, R. J. (1989). Mothers' implicit theories of discipline: Child effects, parent effects, and the attribution process. Child Development, 60, 1373-1391.

Call Number: HQ728 H267 2001 Vol. 3 Tampa Ref

Page Numbers: 235-244

Publisher: Sage

Language: English

Author of Test: Dix, T. & Zambarano, R. J.

Date of Test: 1989

Resource Type: Text

Test Format: Questionnaire