Behavioral and Emotional Reactivity Index


The BERI is a series of 10 scenarios depicting various parental behaviors which might prove annoying or psychologically and/or emotionally uncomfortable for adolescents and young adults.

Alt Title: BERI

Title of Book: Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques vol. 3

First Published: Bartle-Haring, S. E. & Sabatelli, R. M. (1995). The Behavioral and Emotional Reactivity Index: Preliminary evidence for construct validity from three studies. Family Relations, 44, 267-277.

Call Number: HQ728 H267 2001 Vol. 3 Tampa Ref

Page Numbers: 211-218

Publisher: Sage

Author of Test: Bartle-Haring, S. E. & Sabatelli, R. M.

Date of Test: 1995

Resource Type: Text

Test Format: Questionnaire